Our Design Approach

Our main role is to help you visualise your dream garden, and then make sure that we can achieve it.

We follow the same process for all of our projects, so you can feel in control from start to finish.

Initial Consultation:

We look at the existing features in your current garden.

We take note of what you would like in your garden.

We talk through possible styles and influences.

We discuss the budget you wish to set and what is realistic.


We co-operate with you so that you can make informed choices that will suit your taste, lifestyle and budget.


Second Visit:

Andi will return for a second visit to:

Make a detailed survey of the site.

Measure the plot.

Examine aspects and topography (levels).

Agree on any existing features that are to be retained.


Development and Presentation:

We work through ideas and develop a final design.

We discuss and agree on any materials to be used.

We discuss planting styles and specifications.

We finalise and set the budget.


Once a start date is agreed and work begins, Andi will check in periodically to ensure progress is smooth and that you are happy with the outcome.

The finished work will only be signed off if it has been completed to your satisfaction.