Planting is a massive part of our garden design and creation projects. Our horticulturist, Gaynor, helps our clients to pick a personalised planting scheme.

After the first phase of hard landscaping, Gaynor makes her initial visit, where she looks at the garden, soil and aspect.  Gaynor encourages clients to find photos or Pinterest boards of gardens they like, forming an ideal base for discussion of preferred colours and types of plants (e.g. grasses, tropical, cottage garden). Gaynor then forms the client’s personal plant list, producing a Pinterest board to neatly display her plant suggestions, and help any further discussion. Once the client is happy, Gaynor then orders the plants and sets a planting date.

The plant delivery and placement process takes 1-2 days, depending on garden size. Gaynor then walks the client around the garden and discusses maintenance, aftercare and watering.

Gaynor welcomes clients to send her questions on aftercare once she leaves the site.