Working on more than one level

Pete and Julie have recently moved into this new build house, and as you can see, inherited a pretty uninteresting garden, finished in a typically builder like fashion.

The brief has been to maximise the amount of usable seating space and create a garden to potter with. While both Pete and Julie are keen to garden, they don’t want to be a slave to it. So along with the practical issues of retainer walls, steps and seating areas, we have tried to design a garden that is attractive and interesting to look at, as well as relatively easy to maintain.

These first few days have seen a lot of earth moving, followed by the construction of heavy timber retainer walls. These will help establish our levels, and will form the bones of the garden.

Our aim is to have them up and secure early next week, so that the other key elements can be installed around them.

Here’s hoping the weather holds.