Working on more than one level Continued….

Trying to get things finished.

Well, I was hoping for something more positive to tell you, but I am afraid the weather has just about beaten us.

We have had a very lucky run through January, giving us the opportunity to complete the construction side of Pete & Julies garden. All the timber retaining work and steps are in place, the Western Red Cedar deck, (using locally sourced timber from Bridgnorth) is laid, and the new lawn is down, and looks fantastic.

As you can see, I have managed to convince Pete, that black is the only colour he can paint his fence. It took a leap of faith on his part, but this will now form the most fantastic foil to plant against, and is a great way to bring a little drama to a garden, at minimal cost.


Anyway, all that remains to be done now is the planting. We have met at the nursery, and had a walk around to look at plants, and share ideas.

This can really help the client; in the sense that they can actually ‘see’ the plant I am talking about, as well as make a choice about the size of specimen they need. It is also very good from my point of view, because I can very quickly find out what you like in a plant. Is it the colour, the texture, the shape or the size? How many will I need? Is there anything else that is similar? Will it tolerate the conditions we have in our garden? And so it goes on until we have a list of plants to work from.

So, when will the garden be finished? Well, let’s see what the weather does to us over the coming weeks. I will keep you informed.