Working on more than one level Completed


I know, I’m tempting fate, but we do seem to be heading into spring- fingers crossed.

We have had quite a busy couple of weeks planting out Pete and Julie’s garden as well as one we built earlier on last year.


Once we had got the frost out of the ground, and the plants had thawed out, that has left us clear to get planting, and finish off.

This is always a nice part of the job, now we are away from the ‘muck and bullets’ of building a garden, we have the opportunity to put some personality into it.

It is very much like putting furniture into a new room, it can all feel a little bare and empty, but once the plants arrive, the whole thing comes to life.

All that’s needed now, is a bit of spring rain, and sunshine, and before you know it, you will be the envy of the street.

We are now taking quite a lot of calls regarding Design, construction, make overs and of course planting schemes, so we are looking forward to a busy season.