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By Steve Tonks from Boningale Garden Creations

The winter garden is in its resting phase – the summer blooms are long gone and the spring bulbs have yet to wake up.


In effect, the space is a blank canvas, which means it is a great time to re-evaluate your garden and observe its overall structure.

Because you aren’t distracted by the flowers and shrubs in full bloom, it is easier to critically appraise your garden’s layout, so take a good, hard look at the garden and be honest with yourself: are the trees and shrubs planted in a way that creates a good flow?

Are there defined areas to your garden? Do you have in place strategic planting that can block winter winds and admit winter sun?

If you have vegetable plots, are they really in the right place? Consider the crops that you yielded this year and decide if moving them could bring better results.

One final thing to consider in winter is the hardscape – the benches, tables, gazebos, stepping stones, and pergolas. What effect would it have if you moved them around? You might find a change around enhances the space or gives it an entirely new perspective. Could the hardscape benefit from a good clean or a lick of paint? Is there anything that should be replaced to keep the look of the garden fresh?

By looking critically at your slumbering garden now means you can reinvigorate it in time for spring and with some careful planning, get your garden to be a space you can enjoy every season.

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