Most homeowners’ need some kind of secure decorative element around their boundary partition, but have you considered hedging – choosing green over stone, fencing or wood can create a beautiful natural garden.



Using the right kind of hedging can enhance a garden, and provide a stunning natural backdrop that offers privacy, security and excellent protection from the elements.

Natural hedging suits properties of all ages – it can create a warm natural atmosphere in a country garden, soften the surroundings of a city garden and add structured clean lines to a modern garden.

Plus, what many people don’t realise is that you can buy hedging in all growth forms, from 1 year old up to fully mature 8ft hedges in a choice of 20+ varieties. The advantage with the fully grown option is there is no need to wait ten or more years for it to mature – it’s rare that you can achieve such instant results in gardening.

A good example of how hedging can enhance a property can be seen in a garden we are working in at the moment. When we arrived, we were confronted by an 8ft tall conifer hedge, which was out of control and taking all the life and light out of the garden.

We planted in its place a pre-grown 6ft Hornbeam deciduous hedge. The result is a much thinner and easy- to-manage hedge, which is aesthetically pleasing with its beautifully veined green and yellow leaves.

There are many varieties of deciduous, semi-deciduous and ever green hedges to choose from but it is important to select a variety according to your garden aspect and soil condition.

For further information and advice on choosing a lush green boundary partition or a privacy enhancing decorative hedge, please visit or call 01902 376500.