By Steve Tonks, General Manager at Boningale Garden Creations

When you think about how your perfect garden should look, is it a traditional garden, packed with flowers? Or do you favour the clean lines of a contemporary space?

Can you achieve those styles in your outdoor space?

When thinking about good garden design, it’s less about what’s in fashion and more about what would look best in your surroundings and making the most of the aspect and soil conditions. Importantly – it’s also about what fits into your lifestyle.

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Traditional garden

Whether you have a large garden that can accommodate formal styling, elaborate statues and water features or a small space that would suit a cottage or country garden style, choosing a traditional style garden provides timeless appeal.

For the more formal approach, maintaining a classical style is key. That means pristine manicured lawns, formal arrangements of planting, clustered in colour blocks, geometric shapes, and distinctive focal points.

A cottage garden, however, is a departure from the refinement of a formal garden and is an abundance of colour and planting. The borders are far less contrived and stylised – think instead annuals and old fashioned perennials cascading over paths, filling every inch of space with scented flowers is the look you are after. Complement the planting with birdbaths, tubs and charming furniture.

Boningale77-2010 (640x427)Contemporary

Calming and uncluttered – the contemporary garden is a highly structured and carefully managed space that provides a sense of order through its extensive use of hard landscaping materials – including gravel, stones, and hard wood – to attain a clean look. Use minimum planting and select specimens that are architectural: grasses, bamboos and plants such as mountain flax. Good use of lighting is also crucial for the minimalist contemporary garden.

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