Boningale Deck

By Steve Tonks, General Manager at Boningale Garden Creations

Keeping your garden decking, patio or stone walkway in pristine condition will dramatically extend its life – and all you need to do is give it a once-a-year thorough clean down in the Spring.


Here are our 5 top tips to getting your outside space

gleaming and ready for you to enjoy!

1.Sweep Up
After the winter when the surfaces are dry (don’t wait until they are wet as everything will stick to it), give the area a good traditional brush down.


2.Protect Your Plants

Before you start the cleansing operation, cover the planted borders around your patio or deck with a light plastic drape cloth to protect them from soapy chemicals.

3.Scrub Down with Detergent

Choose a good quality detergent that is suitable for your surface type, i.e. a Wood / Decking cleaner, or a multipurpose solution for concrete. Follow the dilution instructions carefully and with a stiff brush really work hard to scrub at the surface and get it nice and wet – use a smaller brush if needed to get into some of the awkward crevices. Then give the area a thoroughly good hose down. For some hard-wearing decking surfaces, you might prefer to use a pressure washer (see below).

Be extra careful when using detergents on stone as some products can discolour / harm the surface. Our advice would be to simply fill a bucket with warm water and add a couple of squirts of washing up liquid – apply with a soft nylon brush (don’t use wire bristles on stone as they will scratch the surface). Scrub until soapy and then rinse well with the hose.

A good tip is to spray a small amount of white vinegar in the spaces between the stone to discourage weeds.
Boningale Patio4.Using a pressure washer
Finally, be careful when using a pressure washer in your garden; don’t be tempted to use it on all surfaces. The very nature of the pressure can damage softer wood on fences for example or it can damage grout between stones.


5.Sit back, relax and enjoy your shiny clean new garden!