Sometimes less really is more …

I visited a lady recently, who was quite nervous, and tried to cancel our appointment for fear of wasting my time.

Having assured her that I was more than happy to call in and chat, and of course have a cup of tea, we then spent a good hour talking about her garden.

She lives with her son, works full-time, and suffers with severe hay fever. The problem is that she also has a very large garden that is primarily lawn (well, rough grass actually, but I didn’t want to offend her.)

We talked about her needs, as well as what she liked and what inspired her. From this conversation we established that a garden with an oriental theme was what was desired.

The problem? Well, this came to light when we started to talk through a working budget. The kind of budget we had to work with would in no way give her the kind of thing she had in mind, so I had to start thinking a little harder.

It put me in mind of a garden I visited near Dublin, who’s beauty was in it’s simplicity.

We worked around some of the ideas, and I came up with a plan of action that might just work.

It will involve the planting of several specimen trees such as maples, flowering cherry and silver birch. As for the grass, I have suggested that a colleague start work on it to bring it back to a manageable lawn, and then employ a gardener to mow it on a regular basis.

All of this, along with some spring bulbs, and specimen planting and a fence paint  will transform the garden into a space that will both inspire and relax, what ever the time of year.

So please don’t be put off talking to us.  I guess the moral of the story is that a working budget is just that – we will find the right level and work to it.  There’s always a solution, a happy medium, and usually, it just takes a chat with me to find it.  And a cup of tea, naturally.