Do you ever look enviously at those gardens with beautiful lawns? While most of us don’t have the time to achieve the perfection of a premium golf course, there is plenty you can do to ensure your lawn looks lush and healthy.


Mowing is crucial but it is important to get the mower height set correctly – make sure it’s higher in dry weather and for the first few cuts of the year, just in case there is a late frost. The type of mower you use will also have an impact. Rotary mowers do the job but if you want a more professional finish, consider buying a cylinder mower, which usually comes with rollers for striping.

Scarifying – removing the unwanted thatch – should be carried out twice a year, in April and September, preferably on damp grass. It’s a good idea to apply a moss killer seven-10 days before using a scarifying machine or rake to go over your entire lawn.


Aerating is also important and should be done once a year between March and November. This involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots, thus alleviating soil compaction.

We also recommend top-dressing the lawn with a layer of sand/soil/peat mix after scarifying and aerating. What mix you use depends on the soil conditions.

You may also want to water your lawn during prolonged periods of hot, dry weather (just check there’s no hosepipe ban!). Morning is the best time to do it when the air is cooler and the wind is calmer – and avoid 11am-3pm, when the sun is at its hottest.

The summer heat can take its toll on lawns, but if you follow these simple tips you can make your grass the envy of your neighborhood!