Off-road parking which help keeps your front garden green

What do you do if you want off-road parking, but don’t really want to pave your front garden, as this can leave you with other problems besides somewhere to put the car.

A recent survey by the Royal Horticultural Society and Horticultural Trades Association found an alarming number of front gardens have disappeared under concrete and paving, which is leading to increased risk of flooding and raised temperatures.

In the West Midlands, the report showed that more than a fifth of front gardens have now been turned into parking spaces – but this does not mean that you have to compromise on your green space – or your green ‘credentials’ for that matter.

Have a look at the front garden above, which I helped to create for one of my clients, Joy.

She had asked for an extra parking space, as the raised lawn she had was too small to really do much with, but she still wanted the garden to be green and inviting.

My solution was to use a recycled material for the parking space – a consolidated gravel, which does not kick up easily,  but which is also porous, therefore not creating the run-off problems associated with paved or concreted areas.

The gravel is laid deep, and compacted down to provide a stable surface, but one which still absorbs water.

We also created some interest with the shape of the space, and attractive fencing and planting, thereby transforming the garden into both a useful and pleasant green area.