Making the most of your space

We’ve just completed a  project with a lovely couple who’ve lived in their three-bed semi for 25 years, and had reached the point where they felt their garden needed a new look.

Ian and Joyce were looking for a garden which did not take a great deal of effort to maintain, but which still had plenty of green,  utilised the space better, and had an extra seating area at the end of it to make the most of the evening sun in the summer.

We discussed all of these elements, settled on a realistic working budget, and set to work transforming the space.

Obviously, the planting is very new, but I’m really looking forward to a revisit in the spring, to see the plants when they start to burst into life.

They will help create a wonderful natural screen around the patio area, and colour through the borders to complement the green lawn.

Here’s some more photos of the finished project.