Lots of butterflies, lots less hassle

I saw a beautiful Buddleja in full bloom the other day, which reminded me to mention the Blue Chip variety, which Boningale Nurseries has the commercial UK rights to grow and market.

It’s a special plant, which has all the wonderful qualities of a traditional buddleja – lovely blooms and scents, which prove such a draw for wildlife – but without the annoying habit of overtaking your garden.

Buddlejas are a great way of attracting wildlife, and a popular sight in gardens up and down the country, but their invasive tendancies are more than an annoyance, to the point they have been actively banned in some places.

The Blue Chip, though, has some unique features.  It grows no wider or taller than 80cm, making it ideal for borders or planters, is low maintenance, and best of all, its seed is sterile, so its non-invasive.

When designing a garden, it’s important not just to think about how great it will look once it’s finished, but how the garden will grow and develop over the years.

When planning planting schemes, you need to consider the wider impact plants will have,  not just the colour and height they’ll add, but benefits such as attracting wildlife and negatives too, like having a tendancy to overrun a garden.

Which is why this new Buddleja is such a versatile plant – look out for it, I think designers are going to really enjoy using this.