As we approach the start of another New Year, Martin Neenan, Garden Creations’ General Manager
looks back at the top 5 trends seen in garden and landscape design over the last 12 months, which are to set to continue this year.

Rethinking Outdoor Experiences

As we know, an increasing number of homeowners are turning their gardens into a space they can use all year round. This can be as simple as creating cosy sheltered areas where you can cook, eat and socialise, to making the garden an integral part of the home using materials and hard landscaping in complementary colours. The biggest trend this year has been the use of indoor and outdoor porcelain tiles which create a seamless transition from inside your home to your outdoor space – plus, they not only look beautiful, they are easier to clean and are frost-proof.

Boningale Patio

Extending the Seasons

To support the outdoor experience, more and more clients have specified fire-pits this year and asked for them to be designed as an integral part of the garden.  Here in the UK, we are not blessed with all-year sunshine and fire-pits do offer the practical solution, as well as providing a stunning focal point for relaxing conversation on chilly nights.


Colouring Structures

Generally speaking clients either want a contemporary or a traditional garden design, but in both cases there has been a real demand this year for customers wanting more colours out of their structures. This can be achieved by painting fences, sheds or structures like pergolas. For example, rather than brown or grey fences, we are now painting more fences black, dark green or dark blue.  These dark surfaces also provide the perfect backdrop for vibrant planting schemes.

Low Maintenance

For this piece we couldn’t leave out the growing popularity in clients wanting the benefits of artificial grass.  This is a trend set to stay with more and more options being developed for homeowners to simulate the look and feel of real grass. From traditional bowling green designs to striped lawns and even wildflower turf, there is an increasing array of options available to suit all budgets.

Kerb Appeal

Finally, we’ve seen a massive shift in client’s ‘front of house’ expectations this year – it’s no longer a case of simply tarmacking or paving your driveway. Clients want to create ‘kerb appeal’ – they want a beautifully designed landscaped garden that compliments and is styled around their driveway space.  The key to success is the ‘design’ – making sure it reflects the style of the house, that the soft landscape is conducive to the environment and that the hard landscape is durable and functional. With so many factors to consider and choices to be made, professional advice is the best way forward.


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