p646782973-4Have a look out of the window now and take a long, hard look at your garden. What are you thinking?

Are you excited about what the spring is bringing to your borders? Or are you perhaps looking at a blank canvas, knowing that it has so much more potential, but after a long hard week just cannot muster the enthusiasm to do anything.

If it’s the latter, you might be thinking about using the help of a professional garden design company, one that can offer trusted advice and take the headache and stress away.

No matter how big or small your outside space, the keen eyes of our experts can help you transform your garden ready for the summer.  From our award winning garden design associate, Andi Way, to our horticultural specialists, gardeners and project management team, who led by General Manager Steve Tonks oversee and manage the project from start to finish, you can be assured of expert advice every step of the way.

When you commit to making an investment in your garden, this depth of technical and creative expertise is important.  When designing a garden its not just about which plants should go where; it’s about the ingenious use of materials, clever design to maximise the available space, and a detailed examination of how you use (or want to use) your garden.

This attention to detail at the planning stage will also actually save you money in the long term, because you will get a well-designed garden that immediately suits your needs in line with your budget – you’ll get the right plant in the right place and there will be no expensive mistakes when it comes to buying the wrong kind of  landscaping materials.

For further information and ideas, visit www.boningale-garden-creations.co.uk