Good Designs Are Timeless


With spring upon us, it’s time to take stock of our gardens and look at how we can fill the borders or make more radical changes. But what are the predicted garden trends for 2013? 

The fashion industry sees new styles and colours every season and it is no different in the garden sector. Over the years, there have been many new trends but I don’t think a garden should be wholly influenced by the here and now; it should be about creating a personal space that meets the individual needs of its owner(s).

For me, trends are more about changes in people’s lifestyles. The most significant ‘trend’ we are experiencing now is as a result of the housing market: a marked rise in the number of homeowners who are choosing to invest in a new garden rather than move after their children have flown the nest.

This is also true for homeowners whose gardens might once have been a haven for their children or a passionate hobby, but who now find it difficult to maintain. We are creating more and more gardens for people who need us to simplify the design and make it easier for them to live with. From the feedback, we know that this is making a massive difference to people’s lives – not only are they enjoying their outside space again, they are comfortable in knowing they can stay in their family home for longer.

Whilst we will see more food gardens, eco-friendly meadows and green roofs in our domestic gardens, don’t fall into the trap of ‘over-designing’, making expensive changes or purchases simply because they are “trendy”.

Instead, think carefully about a long-lasting, practical design that reflects your needs and the characteristics of the plot. And if you want to add in the latest season’s colours, use pots and furniture, non-fixtures that won’t cost a fortune.

It does not matter what the size of your garden is, if it is designed well it will be timeless. From choosing the plants that will thrive in your soil to looking at how the different areas inter-connect, simple choices will make sure your garden is a Chanel classic and not a flash-in-the-pan onesie.