p1729680663-o635224929-4If you love your garden, you’ve probably spent many years nurturing the borders, getting it to look just-so all year round.

All that mowing, digging, trimming – it’s a labour of love.

But as the years roll by – those gardens we have lavished so much care and attention on can get quite difficult to maintain.

While your first thought might be to hire a gardener to do the heavy jobs, there is another way – a way that can help you continue to enjoy gardening.

First, I would think about what changes can be made to your garden to make it easier to look after in the long-term – this is likely to be much more affordable than you think (especially when you take into consideration the costs of hiring a gardener every week or fortnight).

Any good garden designer will discuss in depth with you about your likes/dislikes, will consider your lifestyle and if you have any mobility issues or conditions that are likely to make some tasks in the garden more difficult.

We talk to lots of people in this situation, and we’ve created all sorts of different designs which suit their own lifestyles – there are many design techniques we can use.

Raised beds can be a good idea because you not only get all the colour and scent of the borders, but you will also be able to maintain them without bending down.

We can look at the type of planting you have and put together a new scheme that doesn’t require so much regular attention.

Could you replace the steps? How about installing wider paths? These are great ideas for anyone who wants easy access outside.

And look at the lawn. A lawn is a lovely thing to have in a garden but it does require a lot of mowing in the summer months.

Talk to a designer about how low maintenance surfaces, including paving or gravel, could add an elegant touch to your outdoor space without losing any of the charm that a lawn can bring.

Gardening is such a good way to keep fit and active that if you introduce design changes to your favourite outdoor space, you will be able to spend many more years planting and enjoying it.

If you need further inspiration come and see us at the Shrewsbury Flower Show on the 8th-9th August. Also look out for the date of Boningale Nurseries Annual Plant Sale in September at