Wollerton Old Hall Garden 044It doesn’t matter what size of outdoor space you have, you can gain inspiration from even the grandest of gardens.

I love to visit National Trust gardens because I know there will be something that will catch my eye that I can use in my own designs for customers.

One of those that never fails to inspire me is Wollerton Old Hall Garden in Market Drayton, Staffordshire. There is something about the way that this beautiful garden takes advantage of different vistas.

A vista is a view that is created to take the eye to a focal point in the garden, whether that is a pergola, sculpture, bench or tree.

What Wollerton Old Hall Garden demonstrates beautifully is that while you can have a single focal point – as seen in The Rill Garden, a symmetrical garden with hard landscaping and water that leads to the single point of a covered seating area – using paths and points of interest along a longer stretch of garden, for example in the Yew Walk and The Old Garden, also creates a visually stunning effect.

Design-wise, even the smallest garden can be transformed by using clever planting, a simple sculpture or a bench as a focal point that your eyes are guided to.

But think of the view from different points in the garden – not just your kitchen window. While it may be pleasing to the eye to have a focal point when you look out on to it, what happens when you reach that spot and turn around?

Do you need to hide the shed or the bins? Divert attention away from them by covering the more unsightly garden paraphernalia with screening or tall plants and frame other areas that we should focus on.

Wherever you stand in your garden, make sure there is something beautiful to focus on.

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