Contemporary Statement & Extra Privacy

When we laid out this garden 4 or 5 years ago privacy was not a real issue.

A few years on, however we have been asked to re-visit the garden and suggest ideas for improving the overall privacy of the garden with the desire for something that was in keeping with the rest of this quite contemporary looking garden, this led us to these   Fagus sylvatica (Beech) pleached panels.

They came in as a root ball from a specialist nursery in Holland, and although quite heavy to handle, were easy to plant out.

The great thing about this kind of specimen is that it is an instant fix, and although it may be considered an expensive option, you are paying for around 15 years worth of growth and care to get a plant of this nature.

So, if it’s a practical issue like privacy, or an instant statement you want to make. There are a host of options to choose from, with large and mature plants grown in specialist nurseries all over the UK and Europe.