There’s still plenty to do in the garden this autumn, if you want to keep it looking tidy. Martin Neenan, General Manager at Boningale Garden Creations provides his golden tips here.

Now is the best time to move established trees or shrubs. Deciduous plants can be moved any time from late October to mid-March, while evergreen plants are best moved from October to late March. Moving them in the dormant season gives the roots time to re-establish themselves quickly.


If your garden is at its peak in the summer, it can start to look a little tired in the autumn months, so it’s a good idea to cut back any perennials that have died down. This not only improves their appearance, it also encourages strong growth for the following year. If you can, leave some stems to over-winter because this provides some a home and food for wildlife.


There’s no need to go to the gym when you are a gardener – especially if you like to maintain your lawn! Get your workout done by scarifying the lawn (this is removing unwanted thatch – moss – that grows in the lawn). Afterwards, top dress by applying a layer of sand/soil/peat mix to the lawn. You’ll need a different mix depending on your lawn’s soil conditions, for example, if you have a fast-draining lawn, you’ll need more soil/loam to increase water retention.


Another great way to tidy up the garden and make a difference to your soil quality is composting the fallen leaves. In 12 months’ time, you’ll have a nutritious, rich leaf mould with which to enrich your borders.

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